How to measure for your dog's new collar.
Styles of collars & their uses.

Martingale Dog Collar

A martingale collar fits loosely on a dog's neck but tightens when it needs to. It has two loops the big loop is to fit over the dog's neck  like a traditional collar and is adjustable, the second is for control when the lead is attached to the d ring on the front. It is a good anti-slip collar particularly for nervous dog or dogs that pull out of a normal collar.


Clip Dog Collar

Clip collars are a traditional adjustable collar that are easy to use.

Just unclip put around the dog's neck and close the clip back up then adjust the size to fit your dogs neck.

Please make sure you can fit 3 fingers in the collar so it's not too tight on the neck but also not to loose the dog can pull out of the collar. The lead clips onto the d ring at the front of the collar.


To get the correct size pop a tape measure around your dogs neck where his usual collar naturally rests ( see photo ).

For example our medium size collar is 11-17 inches so when measuring your dog if his neck size is 16 inches you'll need to order the Large size, leaving plenty of room for adjusting and so you can fit 3 fingers in the collar when it's on the neck.